Club Officers

President                   Marcellino Bomicino,

Vice President       Jim Collins

Treasurer                Kevin Peterson,

Secretary                Mike Celli,

Board of Directors

Brian Nowak

Jim Thompson

Fred Cederholm

Greg Ross

Event Coordinators

Awards Dinner                 Joe & George Schubkegel

Chief Flight Instructor     Ed Kamm

Club Auction                     George & Joe Schubkegel / Steve Fortman

Electric Fly­In                    Jim Tompson

Fun­Fly                               Brian Nowak & Board

Golf Outing                       Al Brose

IMAA & Club Picnic        Dana Berry / Ray Donati

Membership                    Bob Roggeveen

Scale Fly­In                       Fred Cederholm

Web Master                     Steve Fortman

Winter Fun­Fly                 Greg Ross

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