Hello everyone,

This year the board of CRCM main goal is to bring in new members and get the club back to where you enjoyed coming to the meetings and the flying field. With information from the survey taken earlier this year your input will be given to each committee chairman to help him improve his event. At the meetings, we are trying to hold down the unnecessary arguing and people talking out of turn. With the addition of entertainment at each meeting. The meetings are starting to feel like a airplane club meeting should. So if you haven’t come to a meeting in a while, try to come out to the next few meetings and see the improvements for yourself. If you have any comments, good or bad please let the board know.

Bob Roggeveen has come up with a great membership drive with big incentives for bringing in new members. You will receive full details in the near future.

March 6 opened the fun fly season with the winter fun fly / chili eating event. Thank you everyone for coming out. The weather cooperated and we did not have any unfixable mishaps. The standings for this event are

  1. Brian Nowak               .38:71
  2. Ken Ward                 .49:73
  3. Dave Golubski            .53:33
  4. Ray Donati                .55:39
  5. Greg Ross                1.13:11
  6. Jim Thompson            1.13:34
  7. Al Brose                   1.28:27
  8. Alan Clark                  2.05:63
  9. Brandon Sobolewski      2.18:45
  10. And with Steve Sobolewski, Dan Knippen and Brian Defilippo not finishing.

April 17th is the date of the first fun fly. With the Intermediate class being added for all the pilots that did not feel comfortable flying in the Expert class. We hope to have a big turnout.

April 1st is the date of the next general meeting. I will be doing the entertainment part of the meeting, showing you how to make the perfect wing seat on any airplane. Hope to see you there.

Till next month, see you at the field.
Greg Ross