Hello everyone,

The club held its annual winter fun fly and chili feast on March 4th. We had 10 flyers and a good share of non-­flyers. The contest was five Loop Role Touch and Goes. Here are the standings.

  1. 1 Brian Nowak            –     58.79
  2. Dan Knippen               –  1:08.97
  3. Ken Ward                    –   1:10.51
  4. Dave Golubski           –   1:20.83
  5. Greg Ross                  –    1:47.02
  6. Ray Donati                  –    2:10.73
  7. Steve Sobolewski       –   2:21.85
  8. Alan Clark                    –   2:27.45
  9. Brandon Sobolewski  –   2:28.18
  10. Jim Thompson            –   2:31.78

Thank you everyone for a smooth running contest. And a big thank you to Bob Roggeveen for the excellent chili. I like to give everyone a heads up on future entertainment for the club meetings.

The May 4 meeting Herb Rizzo from Sig Manufacturing, will be present to show us some new products from Sig. And the June 1 meeting, Charlie Bauer our AMA representative will be our guest to demonstrate covering and keeping us informed on what’s going on with the FAA. I hope to see a good turnout at these meetings.

Till next month, Greg Ross