Hello everyone,

I would like to thank all the club numbers for giving me the chance at being president. I would also like to thank the three members that are leaving the board Ed Bywalec, Ray Donati and Ray Tinley, you guys were a big help.

The new board and I have lots of new ideas that I hope will make this year go as smooth as possible and bring this club back together again. One of the new ideas is we are going to have a guest speaker or a member of our club at every meeting talking about new products or show demonstrations to make RC flying or building a little easier.

December 5th was the first Sunday to fly with snow skis.

It was a little windy and cold (I guess I’m not used to the cold yet). There were seven flyers and a couple of spectators. Everything went pretty smooth for the first time out on the fresh snow. Only one tail fell off of an airplane. If you have never flown with skis, you should come out and try it.

It is a lot of fun.

Thank you till next month and see you at the field.

Greg Ross