Hello everyone,

February looks to be another slow month for club events. February’s meeting will be on the third and for entertainment, Dick¬†Hamilton will demonstrate how to balance props.

All members were E mailed a letter regarding the forest preserve and our flying field. Please take some time out to ask the forest preserve to help us with getting a new field. This and and the board contacting the forest preserve directly will hopefully get some results.

If you’re interested in going to some swap meets this February. Try¬≠Village is having there’s February 4 at the DuPage County Fairgrounds. Fox Valley Aero Club will be holding their swap meet on February 25 at the Kane County Fairgrounds. For further information or directions , we can send you a flyer

If anyone is working on a new project this winter. Or has a new tip or trick. Please take some pictures or write a short paragraph about what going on in your shop. Steve can use some help filling space in future newsletters. Thank you Steve for still doing the newsletter.

Till next month. Hope to see you at the field.

Greg Ross