Dear Club Members,

Please see the following link for the latest information as it relates to registering with  the FAA.­advocacy­meeting­january­15­and­16/ It does seem as though the AMA is trying to convince the FAA that AMA members should be exempt, but it’s difficult to predict which way the final ruling will go. It also clarifies that were registering ourselves and not specific aircraft, with the requirement of displaying the UAS certificate number on any aircraft that falls within the .55 to 55lb range. You will be assigned your unique UAS number upon successful completion of your FAA UAS registration.

Here is the link for the FAA UAS registration.

I leave it to all of you to decide if you wish to register with the FAA at this point in time, as it is not a mandatory requirement the AMA has agreed to.

I have registered with the FAA, as I wanted to see what was going to be asked of me during the process and whether or not it was intrusive.

Here’s what I’ve learned in the process, they only ask for basic information, name, address, phone number.  They do not ask for SSN number or Driver’s license.  There is a $5 fee and they do ask for a credit card number, but if you do what I did you can protect yourself from the FAA having that level of privacy information.   I used a non­traceable VISA Gift Card during my registration, as a gift Visa Card in not tied to any personal information associated with my accounts.  It worked for me, which made me feel more secure by not sharing personal account information and still get an “approved” through the FAA registration.

If you elect to register with the FAA as I did, I would recommend using the Visa Gift Card trick, you can purchase these cards just about any retail store, target, Walmart, Walgreen’s, CVS, etc.………

Again, I leave this decision totally up to you to decide if you choose to register with the FAA.

Marcellino Bomicino
Chicagoland Radio Control Modelers, President