Hello everyone,

June was a busy month. We finally got to fly our first fun­ fly, the bomb drop. When Dave took out a couple of dozen eggs we all knew what we were using for bombs. You were allowed to use mechanical or the trustee foam cup rubberbanded to your plane. Everything went smooth except for a couple pilots watched the egg instead of their plane.

A big thanks to Carl and Jim for running the club Electric­ fly. It looked like everyone that was there had a good time.

After having the club’s very first meeting at the field a half hour before  fun fly number three. We all decided to change the July 8th and August 5th meetings to Friday night at 7:30 at the flying field. If whether does not cooperate we will hold the meeting in one of the forest preserves pavilions.

July 23rd is the clubs Family Picnic, run by Ray Donati. If you have not attended a picnic in the past come on out for lots of fun and a chance to meet some new people.

I would like to welcome two new members to the club, Mario Garcia and Marcellino Bomicino. I hope the club can help you with all your flying needs.

One more change to the calendar of events is September’s meeting. It is being changed to the second and it will be at the Schaumburg airport.

Hope to see everyone at the July 8th meeting at the flying field.

Till next month,

Greg Ross