Hello everyone,

On the morning of June 23, I got a telephone call to inform me that CRCM lost a long time member, Dan Knippen. Dan was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

He was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. We were talking at the field that Tuesday and couldn’t think of a time that Dan ever got mad, even when he flew his plane into one of the picnic benches before a fun fly. He will be greatly missed by all.

June was a busy month. We had Charlie Bauer at our June meeting. On June 9, we had our first of two Trainer Days, which had a very good turnout of 19 flyers. Thank you very much for all the members help. And on June 24, we had our Electric Fly. We had a very good turnout of over 30 flyers. A big thank you to Carl and Jim for running the event. In another big thank you to Andy and his family for all the work it took to prepare the fantastic meal.

July is not quite as busy of a month, the sixth is the general meeting. On the eighth will be Fun Fly number three, which Brian will inform us what will be involved. And finally on June 14, will be the second Trainer Day with the 15th being the rain date.

Till next month,

Greg Ross