Hello everyone,

On May 20th, CRCM had a field repair day. We had over 15 members show up to help. I would like to personally thank everyone who attended. With the amount of members we have, getting 15 people to come out and help was a huge sucess in my mind. We painted and repaired the radio impound, repaired the fence and starting benches, did a ton of weed whacking and sprayed to kill the weeds along the fence and the ones coming through the blacktop . Once again I would like to thank all the members that came out to help. I think the field looks great.


If you missed the last meeting we had Herb Rizzo from Sig Manufacturing Manufacturing as our guest speaker. He was great ,with a bunch of personal stories on his flying experience. And talked about many new products coming from Sig.

We had fun fly number one, which went very smooth until the second round when it started to thunder and lightning. That is when Brian canceled round two. Hopefully to fly another day.

At the June 1 meeting Charlie Bauer will be our guest speaker. On June 3 fun fly number two, Brian will tell us what is it involved at the meeting.

June 9 is CRCM’s Trainer Day. The 10th is the rain day. We are looking for as many people to come out to help run this event as smooth as possible. Please let Ray Donati know if you are able to come out to help.

And finally on June 24. We are having Jim and Carl’s Electric fly. Don’t forget to send in your sign­up sheets.

Greg Ross