Hello everyone,

Thank you to everyone that participated in the CRCM survey. The winner of the $25 gift certificate was Don Chesney. I contacted him to inform him that he won the gift certificate. He told me it would cost him $25 in gas, so he has donating the gift certificate back to the club. A big thank you to Don for the donation.

The winter flying season looked like it was going to last for a long time with all the snow we got. With a forecast of high 50s and rain for the 18th. I don’t think the snow at the field will last very long.

March 6th is the date for the winter fun fly and chili feast. I will tell you what you are going to have to do at the March meeting. Hopefully we will still need skis.

Friday March 4th is the membership meeting and the entertainment is how to use a incidence meter. Till next month, see you at the field.

Greg Ross