Hello everyone,

May, 4th is this month’s meeting. We have Herb Rizzo from Sig Manufacturing as our guest speaker. He will be showing some new products from Sig.

May, 6th is our first fun fly of the season. Brian will go over what is involved in the fun fly at the meeting. Hope to see lots of flyers on this 6th.

This last month, I had the occasion to fly on a Saturday. It seems like lots of non­members fly on Saturdays, and they don’t seem to follow the rules very well. As club members, we have to police ourselves and try to get other flyers to follow the field rules. I had the chance to talk to one of the forest preserve police. He told me that he would have absolutely no problem helping us enforce the field rules. If any club member has issues with somebody not following the rules after you’ve asked more than once to abide by the rules. Contact the forest preserve police for help. Please do not abuse the right for the forest preserve polices help. We would like to keep a good repor with them.

Just a reminder that the June 1 meeting Charlie Bauer will be our guest speaker.

Till next month,

Greg Ross