The Flying Field

You need to investigate locations with adequate room and where you have permission to fly model airplanes.  It is recommended that you go to a RC club flying field and introduce yourself as a new RC pilot. Like most RC clubs, the Chicagoland Radio Control Modelers flying in the Ned Brown Forest Preserve will be happy to help a new RC pilot. The advantages are many:

  • Adequate room to fly since it is a flying field
  • Flying field safety rules
    • where can you prepare your airplane to fly
    • where can you fly
    • where do you stand when you fly
    • field etiquette
  • Experienced RC pilots will double check the airplane structure, controls, center of gravity
  • Experienced pilot will help you fly your airplane.
  • The goal is to have a good experience so you stay in the hobby
  • You will meet people with similar interests

The disadvantages of not getting help are:

  • You need to find a location to fly with adequate space free of obstacles (trees, power lines, people, cars, etc.)
  • Surface necessary to take off
  • You need to have permission
  • Your first flight may end in a crash after 15 seconds. Manufacturers make it sound like their airplanes fly themselves. They are good but not that good yet.

Now that you have arrived at the field, read all signs related to your flying. Forest Preserve sites generally have a sign with Forest Preserve rules for using the field. The local flying club may have additional rules located on the site.

Introduce yourself to any pilots at the field.

You are ready for your first flight – GOOD LUCK and ENJOY