Dear Club Members,

Ed Kamm and myself have visited the proposed flying site for Cantigny’s Anniversary Celebration honoring Colonel Robert McCormick , the opportunity looks very promising at this point in time.  They have requested certain Insurance minimums that I have forwarded on to Jim Thompson.  Jim is currently working with the AMA to understand if the proposed site can be deemed an AMA approved flying site for this event.  If Jim is successful, I believe this will take care of the insurance concerns communicated to us from Cantigny.

We are still working on the overall agenda for the day, but the event would be on Thursday, July 30th of this year.  Our time slot would be from roughly noon to 6pm, we would be setting up static airplane displays for all guests to view and talk about.  Additionally, we would have demo flights at 2, 4 & 6pm, these planes would not necessarily be the planes dedicated for the static display, but based on this being a “grass” only field, I suggest we bring a few “big bird” type aircraft, those would certainly bring attention to the crowd.  Because of the confined area of flying, I would also suggest we only have a few dedicated pilots that would actually fly at this event.  I encourage all members to try and make themselves available for this event if it happens, and bring whatever planes you would like to show off.  The Cantigny event will attract thousands of visitors for their Anniversary celebration, so it’s a great opportunity to get our Club name out there and potentially attract new enthusiasts.

I have attached some of the airplanes that Colonel McCormick had flown in his career, and since this event is a tribute to him, it would be great if we had any of his type aircraft in model scale to show.  Please look at the attached list, and let me know if you have any of these type of aircraft, or similar, that you would be willing to put on static display at this event.

I will keep you posted as this opportunity continues to materialize.


Marcellino Bomicino

Chicagoland Radio Control Modelers, President



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