Pylon Race signMay 15, 2016

Pylon Race

Two pylons will be placed on the flying field approximately 150 yards apart.

Pilots will have their plane at the ready for take off. There will be approximately 3 pilots per race starting on the blacktop from the flight line.

The Contest Director will call start. Each pilot will fly 10 laps. Each pilot will have a spotter/counter. This person will make a judgment call about valid laps (staying outside the pylons). It will be the responsibility of the pilot’s spotter to count laps and signal their pilots finish. No penalty will be added for a pilot who cuts short of the pylon however it is the responsibility of that pilot’s spotter not to count that attempted lap. In this way a cut is its own penalty.

On the pilot’s completion of the ninth lap the spotter will hold up the supplied card showing the “9” to the club members and CD in the pit area. This will alert the CD and spectators that the pilot is one lap from finishing. As the pilot crosses the finish line on the tenth lap the counter will flip the card to the “Finish” side. The CD and helpers will keep track of the order in which the pilots finish.  First place finisher will receive 3 points second place will be awarded 2 points and third place will receive 1 point. Non-finishers and, in some cases, fourth place will not be awarded any points. Restarts (or new plane)  are permitted which may be to the pilots benefit even if he comes in a very distant third it will be worth one point.

Pilots names will be drawn from a hat and it will be the goal to have each pilot race 3 times with approximately 2 other racers. Every attempt will be made to draw names in such a way that a pilot will race against as many different other pilots as possible.  For example a pilot competing in 3 races and taking first place in each  will receive 9 points total.  It is possible that there may be ties in ranking at the end of the day.

Depending on time and inclination there may be a “Top Gun” race at the end of the day for the best 3 or 4 pilots with the prize being a bottle of Wild Turkey. This race, if it happens, is just for fun and it will not affect the Fun Fly standings in any way