Club Meeting Report for August 4th, 2023

Meeting opened 7:30 pm – President Marcellino Presiding

Attendance: (14) members & (0) guests


1. Fun Fly #4 will be August 6th, Pylon Racing. 

2.  Big Bird / Club Picnic will be August 13th. Special thanks to Ray, Bob and Dana for organizing. Current attendance is at 60 members and guests.

3.  Float Fly #2 will be 8/26.

4. Night Fly #4 is CANCELLED.

5.  CCFB Field Update – NONE. No response from the Forest Preserve as to status of field.

6.  With sadness CRCM would like to note the passing of Brian Nowak’s Dad Fred Nowak. Brian is working on a memorial for his Dad who had a great love for the Hobby/Sport. More information will be forthcoming.

7.  Oshkosh Air Show – Brian D. attended and shared his experiences there. 

Minutes of the July meeting was unavailable due to meeting cancellation at the flying field. 

Treasury Report: Given by Treasurer Kevin Peterson and accepted ($7,077.79 Total).

Guests:  None.

Committee Reports: Ray Donati informed the membership that this will be his last hosting of the Big Bird Fly-in / Picnic. CRCM gives many thanks to Ray for stepping up for the last 10 years to organize the event. Brian D. and Jim C. volunteered to host Big Bird / Picnic next year. Thanks for stepping up Brian and Jim.

Old Business:  Jim Collins needed to resubmit to the FAA for FRIA status. We should hear something in September about CRCM’s FRIA status. 

Tips and Tricks:  None.

Model of the Month: 1) Al Brose – Robbe Fun Fly, 2) Brian D. – Magnum Arrow, 3) Bob C. – P-51 E-Flite BNF.

Raffle: Conducted by Jim Collins;  White Ticket $65.00 prize: Brian.

Auction: There were no takers for the donated Park Flyer. Brian won the Contender ARF kit for $50.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.