Friday morning (July 6) seemed like a good time to get some flying in so I took the morning off from work. Unfortunately, the winds were high and gusty, so no flying for me. At least I did get the ole Mentor-G gas high-wing out to do a pre-flight check and carb adjustment. Anyone looking for a gasoline (2-stroke) trainer should give this plane a try. As of this post, they are still being sold online by MaxfordUSA (dot com). Very reasonably priced ARF at $239.99 (plus $30 shipping). When I purchased mine, the quality of construction and covering was superb. Hopefully they maintained the quality. I have a CRRC 26cc gas 2-stroke on it which takes a 40:1 (gas:oil) mix. Overall wing span is 83″ and fuselage length is 60″. Weighs a hefty 11 lbs flying weight, but handles very nice and is visible.

Of course, I have to put a plug in for my side interest. I also brought out the ‘ole smoker’, a TSA Infusion nitro 600 size helicopter. This one is all Futaba (CGY-750 V2 controller, servos, etc.) Just getting it tuned in for headspeed and agility. Don’t see many of these anymore with electrics dominating the scene, but fun to get out once in awhile.

Enough rambling for now … until next time !

Happy Landings !