It has been a long while since I posted in this blog. Bad on me!  However, life, COVID and a myriad of other things get in the way sometimes unfortunately.

On that note, I would like to introduce my newest addition to the fleet. The T28 Trojan scale aircraft (See pics below). Actually, I’ve had this aircraft for about two years and simply have not had time to get out and fly it.

For those military buffs who would like more information on this aircraft, it’s history, uses, etc., please click on this LINK.

My specific T-28 model is the T-28B 1.2m version. I purchased this as a Bind-N-Fly from Horizon Hobby since I already have a Spektrum transmitter. The iX20SE to be precise. This plane comes with the AS3X technology, which provides for more stable flight in windy conditions, retractable landing gear and working 3-position flaps. The latest iteration of this model can be found at the Horizon Hobby website HERE.

As an itermediate pilot (yes, after all my years I’m still intermediate, bleh!) I find this aircraft to be extremely stable and easy to fly. My particular weakness is landing (always has been!) and I find this aircraft to be very easy to bring in for a good landing, even without using the flaps. This airplane tends to float very nicely which makes for a soft landing.

Flight time with the 2200 mah, 3S battery is about 5 to 7 minutes depending on how fast one is flying.

I find this plane to be a great option for any intermediate to advanced pilots and would highly recommend it.

Until next time, HAPPY LANDINGS !

Mike C.,

Secretary, CRCM