Club Meeting Report for February 2nd, 2024

Meeting opened 7:30 pm – President Marcellino Presiding

Attendance: (18) members & (0) guests


1.  AMA Memorial Bricks Purchased for Past Deceased Members:

  • Ed Bywalec

  • Rick Bekielewski

  • Fred Nowak

The memorial bricks will be presented to the  deceased members spouses as a token of gratitude and remembrance from CRCM for the contributions made over the years by these members.

2.  New Year’s Day Fun Fly was a great success with over 20 members braving the cold to fly.


3.  Club dues are due – $35


4.  AMA/FAA License Renewal as applicable.


5.  Winter Fun Fly will be February 25th. Ed Kamm to provide his famous chili.


6.  CRCM Bowling night sometime in March or April. Brian D. to organize.


7.  CRCM Shooting night sometime in April. Marcellino to organize.

8.  Strictly RC in Norridge has closed.

Read minutes of Last Meeting (Mike Celli, Secretary)

1. Minutes read by Marcellino Bomicino for December 1st, 2023 meeting.

Treasurer’s Report (Kevin Peterson, Treasurer)

1. Treasurer’s report read by Kevin Peterson and accepted.

  • Total – $6,701.89.

No guests were present at meeting.

Committee Reports: NONE.

Unfinished Business: NONE.

New Business: NONE.

Entertainment: NONE. 

Tips & Tricks: 

Jim Collins described a way to fuel and water proof balsa wood. Mix 30 minute epoxy with Acetone (8:1 ratio) to make watery. Apply to wood as needed to make waterproof and fuel proof.

Model of the Month:

Brian D.:

1. Described a situation with his .40 size Evolution Engine having bubbles in the fuel line.


2. Showed off his plastic float plane.

3. Showed off his Yellow Cub Float Airplane, Electric (4S).

Raffle (Jim Collins, Vice President)

1.  Raffled off foam B2 Bomber, won by Marcellino for $5.

2.  White ticket won by Al Brose, $70.

Note: Ed Kamm donated a small ARF aircraft and was picked by Billie during Red ticket raffle.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 pm.