Club Meeting Report for January 6th, 2023

Meeting opened 7:30 pm – President Marecellino presiding

Attendance: (18) members & (0) guests


1.  New Year’s Day Fly was Sunday January 1st, 2023.  There was a great turnout of 20 members and much flying fun was had. No snow and moderate temperatures.

2.  Club dues are due: $35 for ALL.  Don’t forget AMA and FAA renewal also.

3.  Club Events Calendar 2023 is in process. President Marcellino will email the calendar out shortly to all club members for review and comment.

 4.  Another bowling event and gun range event is being planned for 2023.  These events will be placed on the club calendar for review and comment.  

6. President Marcellino will email the 2023 calendar out shortly for Club review and comment. 

Minutes of December 2nd read by Mike Celli and accepted.

Treasury Report: Given by Vice President Jim Collins and accepted ($6,336.58 Total).

Guests:  None.

Committee Reports: Greg Ross volunteered to host the Winter Fun Fly; Ed Kamm will be providing the Chili.

Old Business:  None.


 President Marcellino was contacted by David Panitch with the Cook County Forest Preserve regarding the club asphalt field. 

The following was discussed with Mr. Panitch:

1.  Cook County Forest Preserve (CCFP) is scheduled to have pavement work done summer of 2023.

2.  Current CCFP budgets will not support replacement of the runway at its current size, estimate to replace asphalt 200’x200′ @ $100k.

3.  CCFP is recommending the current field be torn out and replaced with just grass while contractors are on site. 

4.  CRCM is requesting if a smaller asphalt runway can be put in, 50’x100′ in lieu of grass.

5.  CRCM is requesting if a smaller asphalt runway cannot be budgeted, that CCFP leave the damaged asphalt field as-is for now.

6.  CRCM is requesting that the grass runway alternative be the VERY LAST option if the current asphalt field cannot be left as-is.

** If ANY club member wants to provide their opinion about what will potentially happen to the flying field due to the wishes of the CCFP, please contact President Marcellino.  The danger is that the Club Field could be removed permanently severely restricting the type of aircraft that can be used at the field. **


As a side conversation, Vice President Jim Collins spoke at length about the proposed taking over of ALL airspace from 5,000 feet to ground level for use by future air taxis and drones by the likes of Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. AMA is not currently actively trying to stop this takeover by applying for club FRIA zones (Recognized Identification Areas) of the airspace which could lead to the eventual elimination of Aeromodeling hobby all together. All AMA members should contact the AMA regarding this issue.


Tips and Tricks:  Jim Collins:  Described the use of the braided wire from the ignition module to the spark plug connector. Any compromise of the braided wire could cause a crash and MUST be repaired.  Use a rubber grommet through the airplane firewall if applicable. 

Model of the Month: 1) Frankie Ponzo showed off his E-Flite Habu 32X Jet, 2) Brian D. showed off his new Cardboard type aircraft, 3) Brian T. showed off his SIG Astro-Hog which he is refinishing. 

Raffle: Conducted by Jim Collins;  White Ticket $80.00 prize: Kurt G. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.