Club Meeting Report for May 6th, 2023

Meeting opened 7:30 pm – Treasurer Kevin Peterson presiding

Attendance: (16) members & (1) guest


1. Fun Fly #1 was May 7th. Hit the Target. Great turnout and much fun had by all.

2.  Harper College Day was May 13th. Good turnout. Harper donated $200 to the Club. Thanks Harper College!

3.  Bob Carroll maiden of the gasser P-38 Lightning will be Tuesday 6/6, 9:30 am at Shoe Factory Field. Good luck Bob !

4.  Night Fly #1 was May 27. Great turnout and much fun was had. So thankful to Rick B. for all his efforts. Night Fly continuation will be discussed since the tragic passing of Rick. 

5.  Fun Fly #2 is June 4; Kevin Peterson hosting.

6.  Float Fly #1 will be June 24 at 9:00 am. More info will be provided as event nears.

7.  President Marcellino is continuing to try to get information regarding the Club Field from the Forest Preserve. There has been no response and Marcellino will continue his inquiries. 

8.  Big Bird & Club Picnic will be August 13th. Ray Donati and Bob K. is coordinating. 

Minutes of May 6th meeting read by Secretary Mike Celli and accepted.

Treasury Report: Given by Treasurer Kevin Peterson and accepted ($6,959.73 Total).

Guests:  One guest joined the Club; Welcome to CRCM !

Committee Reports: Ray Donati spoke about the Club Picnic.  Prices have escalated since last year by about $400 total.  Discussion was had about revising who can attend and the amount charged for attendance. Discussion will continue to the next Club meeting.  

Old Business:  Jim Collins has no updates on the FRIA zone application for the field. Probably hear something in September. 

New Business:  Brian D. gave his report traveling to Flite Test Event. Fun time !!

Tips and Tricks:  Jim Collins spoke about building the Red Barron plane accurately with all its faults in painting and construction. 

Model of the Month: None.

Raffle: Conducted by Jim Collins;  White Ticket $80.00 prize: Ray Donati. 

Auction: Auction took place for a donated park flyer; Brian D. won the auction.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.