CRCM Meeting Report for May 5th, 2017

Meeting opened 7:30 pm – President Marcellino Presiding

Attendance: (19) members & (0) guests


  1. Reminder: membership dues for 2017, $35; Membership cards available from Secretary Mike Celli.
  2. DuBro cancelled for entertainment, working on new date (Greg Ross).
  3. Fun Fly #1 is May 21st, Pylon Racing — Ed Kamm and Al Brose will be coordinating the event.
  4. President Marcellino has emialed out the revised CRCM Event’s calendar. Please provide any feedback to Marcellino.
  5. Still considering a Night Fly at Glenview Naval Air Station in August / September. Rick B. to coordinate. Marcellino to email out a survey monkey to gauge club interest.
Minutes of April 7th Meeting: Read by President Marcellino and accepted.

Treasury Report: Presented by Treasurer Kevin Peterson and accepted (Total $7,312.23).

Committee Reports: None.

Old Business: 

  1. Ed Kamm and Ray Donati provided a field repair update. Ed Kamm believes he has gotten to the right people at the Forest Preserve to get repairs commenced almost immediately. The Forest Preserve will purchase the materials and also provide labor to do the work. This repair involves the chipping away of all loose asphalt and providing a new surface. CRCM will also contribute money from the field fund.  Ed and Ray will continue to work with the Forest Preserve Personnel to get this done. 
  2. New Swap Meet Location: Kurt G — Christus Victor in Elk Grove Village. Kurt G. to confirm.
  3. Trainer Day #1 is June 3rd; Need to look into advertising the event. Possibly include Quad Copters.
  4. Expendable Plane Fun Fly clarification — The Expendable Plane Fun Fly is NOT a stand alone fun fly but is appended on to the end of one of the existing fun fly’s. Which Fun Fly it is appended to has yet to be determined.

New Business:

  1. Reminder that all drone pilots using the field must be AMA members.

Entertainment: None. However, Ed Bojan from Dubro will be scheduled at a later date to be determined.

Tips and Tricks: Dick Hamilton — Use a car fuse puller from the auto store to remove crystals from older radios. 

Models of the Month: 1) Dick Hamilton — Sig Fazer; 2) Dana Berry — E-Flite Timber EPP Foam 

Raffle Winners: Larry C., Dana B., Ray D., Jim Strauss won the  DHC-2 Beaver (Flyzone)

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.