Club Meeting Report for May 6th, 2023

Meeting opened 7:30 pm – President Marecellino presiding

Attendance: (15) members & (1) guest


1. Club dues are due, $35.  Don’t forget AMA and FAA renewal as applicable. 

2.  Bowling Night: Brian D. reported was a success and much fun; 5 people showed up.

3.  Gun range event: Thanks to Greg Ross for arranging at Article II Range. 6 people showed up and had a good time target shooting. 

4.  Field Maintenance day: Field Maintenance Day was rained out. Not much maintenance to do other than securing the fence at the flight line. 

5.  Fun Fly #1 is May 7; Hit the Targe theme. 

6.  Harper College Day is May 13. Club receives a $200 donation for Harper to help the students learn about radio control flight. Helpers and trainers are needed to volunteer. 

7.  Night Fly #1 is 5/27 at 6:00 pm; Rick B. is hosting. 

Minutes of April 7th meeting read by Mike Celli and accepted.

Treasury Report: Given by Treasurer Kevin Peterson and accepted ($6,314.85 Total).

Guests:  One guest. Just visiting; Full scale flyer, retired. Thanks for being with us !

Committee Reports: None. 

Old Business:  Marcellino is communicating with the Forest Preserve regarding the status of the existing field and also obtaining a quote to scarify the field. Marcellino will keep the club posted.

New Business:  Jim Collins has no updates on the FRIA zone application for the field.

Tips and Tricks:  None.

Model of the Month: Brian D. – Showed off his hover craft he obtained while at Toledo.

Raffle: Conducted by Jim Collins;  White Ticket $80.00 prize: Rick B.; Note: Rick made a donation to the club from the winnings .. Many Thanks Rick !

Auction: Auction took place for a foam Boeing Stearman electric biplane; Guest won for $90.00.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.