CRCM Meeting Report for April 5th, 2019

Meeting opened 7:30 pm – President Marcellino Bomicino presiding

Attendance: (17) members & (0) guests


1.  Club dues for 2019 are being collected: $35 / person.

2.  Reminder to renew AMA membership for 2019.

3.  FAA Ruling in effect 2/25, FAA number shall be displayed on OUTSIDE of all aircraft weighing over 1/2-pound.

4.  Winter Fun Fly was March 3rd.  Great turnout, good chili from Ed Kamm; Thanks to Greg Ross for running the event.

5.  Barnstormer Swap Meet will be April 20th, 8:00 am to Noon, DuPage County Fair Grounds.

6.  Fun Fly #1 will be May 19th – Ed Kamm running event.

7.  Night Fun Fly’s will be June 15th and August 24th, (6:00 pm to 11:00 pm). Rick B. will be CD.

8.  Annual CRCM club golf outing will be September 29th. Al Brose to coordinate.

9.  CRCM 2019 Awards Banquet will be November 16th – Event by Dana Berry and Wife.  More details to follow.

10.  Suburban RC Barnstormers is inquiring about a merger with CRCM.  Membership suggested further discussions take place between the two clubs prior to making a decisions.

11.  Suburban Barnstormers is giving up White Pines indoor fly and is looking for a new sponsor. 

12.  Suburban Barnstormers has a new flying field in Bartlett at Stearns and Dunham roads.  DuPage County requires the purchase of a card for permission to fly at the DuPage County RC flying sites. Cost is $35 resident / $45 non-resident.

 Minutes of March 1st Meeting:  Read by Secretary Mike Celli and accepted.

Treasury Report: Presented by Treasurer Kevin Peterson and accepted (Total $7,819.61).

Committee Reports: None.

Old Business:  None.

New Business:  None.

Tips and Tricks: None.

Models of the Month: None.

Raffle Winners:  Ray Donati won the Night Radian FT 2.0M

Meeting Adjourned at 8:40 pm.