Meeting Report for January 3rd, 2020

Meeting opened 7:30 pm – President Marcellino presiding

Attendance: (13) members & (0) guests


1.  Reminder to pay Club and AMA membership dues.

2.  New Year’s Fun Fly was January 1st: Turned out to be a great time with good attendance and fine weather. Many flyers also.

3.  Ray Donati in process of following up with Commissioner regarding field upgrade. Ray will keep Club posted.

4.  Winter Fun Fly will be March 8th.

5.  President Marcellino is working on the 2020 CRCM Event Calendar and will distribute by email when complete.

Minutes of December 6th meeting: Read by Secretary Mike Celli and accepted.

Treasury Report: Given by Treasurer Kevin Peterson and accepted. 

Committee Reports: None.

Old Business:  None.

New Business:  None.

Tips and Tricks:  George Schubkegel demonstrated a cordless utility battery adapter with pig tails for use with

electric starters (or anything else needing power from a cordless battery). George attached it to a cordless motor

starter. Works great !  Company Terra Firma Technology makes the adapter(s) which are 3D printed. 


Models of the Month: Jim Collins: Showed off an electric modified Sig Kadet Trainer (to be tail dragger)

Raffle: Jim Collins conducted. 

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20 pm.