CRCM Meeting Report for August 1st, 2014

Meeting opened at 7:30 pm

Attendance: (15) members & (0) guests


  1. President Marcellino reminded the membership to make sure AMA membership is
  2. Big Bird Fly­in and Club Picnic is Sunday, August 10th (Hosted by Ray Donati and Dana Berry)
  3. Fun­Fly #4 is August 24th – Will be hosted by Ed
  4. Wildcat bulk fuel is Thanks goes to Joe Schubkegel (Joe is a Wildcat fuel distributor) and Marcellino for coordinating this effort.
  5. Trainer Day #2 was July 19th. Was a success although not as well attended as Trainer Day #1.

Minutes of July 11th Meeting: Read by Secretary Mike Celli and accepted.

Treasury Report: Presented by President Marcellino and accepted.

Committee Reports: None.

Old Business: None.

New Business:

  1. Vice President Fred Cedarholm updated the membership regarding Forest Preserve plans:
    1. Permits can be obtained online. This years fees should be the same as last year.
    2. All club surveys have been submitted to the Forest Preserve. Forest Preserve will issue a letter to all clubs asking what field repairs are required for next year’s budget.
    3. Fred extended an invitation for a representative from the Forest Preserve to attend a club meeting.
  2. President Marcellino introduced a motion to petition the Forest Preserve for a new runway which will be up to AMA standards. This would include getting standard 300 foot by 50foot asphalt runway in lieu of the 200′ x 200′ asphalt we have now. It was decided to wait until the next membership meeting to take a vote on the motion so that more members would be present.
  3. Jim Thomson will be at the Waukegan Air Show representing CRCM and will do a flight demo. Event will be September 6th.
  4. President Marcellino emphasized that that the club website is not currently being updated as it should be. The Board is working on a solution for the website to keep it updated in the future. Club members can refer to the club Facebook page for latest pictures and information.
  5. Marcellino recommended that the membership go to the AMA website and do a response to the FAA ruling on small unmanned aircraft that could affect the hobby in a negative way. Responses to the ruling are due September 23rd.

Entertainment: None (Board is looking into guests to come in to speak. Responses have not been good)

Tips and Tricks: None.

Model of the Month: 1. Dana Berry – Sig Cadet Junior, 2. Fred Cedarholm – Aeroworks aerobatic ARF

Raffle Winners: Gene, Rick and Herman

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.