CRCM Meeting Report for June 7th, 2013

Meeting opened at 7:30 pm

Attendance: (21) members & (0) guests


  1. Fun Fly #1 was a great success; thanks to Ed Kamm for coordinating the
  2. Fun Fly #2 was announced for Sunday, June 9th; Brian Nowak is coordinating the
  3. Electric Fun Fly was announced for Sunday, June 23rd; Jim Thompson is coordinating the event.

Minutes of May 3rd Meeting: Read by Mike Celli and accepted.

Treasury Report: Presented by Ed Kamm and accepted.

Committee Reports: Ray Donati: Big Bird Fly­in / Club Picnic Sunday, August 4th; Dedicated to Dan Knippen. Porta­Potty issue still an open item. Board to discuss. Ray would like to get a head count for food planning, even for people who are coming and not flying.

Old Business:

  1. Trainer Day #2, Saturday July 20th; Need a volunteer to take ownership of the event; Ray Donati volunteered to provide hot dogs and trainer plane.
  2. Brian Nowak is still researching the “Shoot and Fly” (unofficial) event. Brian will keep the club apprised of the event.

New Business:

  1. President Marcellino suggested a Red/Yellow/Green (stoplight style) event indicator in case of inclement weather to be shown on the club website and on Facebook. Red=No Go; Yellow=Maybe a Go; Green=Go. Event coordinator decides whether the event happens or not.
  2. Marcellino asked the membership to to review the club roster he emailed out for any comments or corrections.
  3. Carl Barshop silent auction is July 13th from 9am to Noon at the residence. Auction is cash only. Interested parties may write down their bid and phone number for an item if they can’t stay until Noon. Marcellino will try to email out a list of items that will be for sale.
  4. Event rainout procedures were discussed. Board to discuss further.
  5. Discussion took place about what to do with the club riding mower. Membership voted to sell the mower. Marcellino to head up selling the mower.
  6. Al Brose mentioned that club apparel is available. Make all requests and checks payable to Al. Ordering will take place on June 21st.

Entertainment: None.

Tips and Tricks: None.

Model of the Month: Ray Tinley- Aviator 40; Winner- Ray Tinley

Raffle Winners: Brian Nowak, Gene Snow, Ed Bywalec, Jim Thompson, Scott, Marcellino and Ben Scola.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30.