CRCM Meeting Report for June 1, 2012

Meeting open at 7:30 p.m.

Attendance: 24 members plus 4 guests

Minutes of April meeting: Read by Greg Ross and accepted

ANNOUCEMENTS:     Forest Preserve is ticketing $200 for parking in turnaround and drop off point. Field Day worked out great. Keep Forest Preserve Police phone number in your phone and start calling the police for infractions of rules and parking. Make sure you have your AMA card on you.


Trainer day – A article written by Bob Roggeveen was printed in the Daily Herald.

FUN FLY: Brian Nowak explained the events that will be used in fun­fly 2 on Sunday July 8.

ELECTRIC FLY­IN: Jim Thompson and Carl Barshop will be running the event on Sunday June 24 starting at 3:00 p.m. Get your entry fee in to Jim as soon as possible.

SCALE FLY IN: Fred Cederholm working on flyers and donation of prizes for the event.

ELECTRIC NIGHT­FLY: Marcellino Bomacino is still checking into.


MODEL OF THE MONTH: Carl Barshop – Safety Issues – Lipo batteries can cause fires and some sand should be used to put out. A bucket of sand will be made available to put it out.

RAFFLES: Blue tickets ­ Carl Barshopl, Joe Patt, Dave Golubski, Ray Donati, Herman Langhans, Jim Thompson, Dana Berry, Bob Roggeveen Mystery – Frank Ponzo

Raffle – Dana Berry, Brian Nowak

MEETING ADJOURNED:  8:30 P.M. Steve Sobolewski, Secretary