CRCM Meeting Report for March 4th, 2016

Meeting opened at 7:30 pm – President Marcellino Presiding

Attendance: (18) members & (1) guest


  1. Winter Fun Fly Sunday, 3/6 (10am­12pm) ­­ Greg Ross and Ed Kamm cooking the Chili.
  2. Please send in your club dues ($35) and renew your club membership if haven’t done so already.
  3. Reminder to renew AMA cards, as this is a requirement to renew club membership. Board members will be checking AMA cards.
  4. Meeting at Forest Preserve March 14th ­­ Jim Thompson will be attending.
  5. President Marcellino noted changes to the recently issued Club events calendar. A new calendar will be issued shortly reflecting the changes.

Minutes of February 5th Meeting: Read by President Marcellino (in lieu of Mike Celli) and accepted.

Treasury Report: Presented by Treasurer Kevin Peterson and accepted.

Committee Reports: None.

Old Business: None.

New Business:

  1. 1. Jim Collins discussed at length FAA regulations and it’s relation to existing clubs within and very close to O’Hares Class B airspace. Many clubs fall within this airspace on the ground. CRCM falls about 200 feet outside of this airspace on the ground. Aircraft should fly west and avoid flying east to avoid O’Hare airspace. Apparently, O’Hare tower is not to give permission for any club to operate “UAV’s” within their airspace. O’Hare is simply ignoring clubs within their airspace, at least until there is an actual problem. Club members are very strongly encouraged to respect FAA rules and be cognizant of how we fly our aircraft to avoid problems.
  2. The Club must make a decision regarding how to proceed with field repairs and upgrades with relation to the Forest Preserve and the newly formulated FAA flight regulation Potential work on the field could trigger more intense scrutiny of UAV flight operations near O’Hare airspace. Three options have been identified:
    1. Proceed with trying to get the Forest Preserve to upgrade the field to AMA standards,
    2. Do nothing at all and leave the field as it is to avoid ‘stirring the pot’ with the FAA and Forest Preserve,
    3. Do whatever the Forest Preserve is willing to do to upgrade the field using their own funds, regardless of how minimal the repairs. The Board will discuss further how to proceed with this issue and if a membership vote will be necessary.
  3. Jim Thompson requested information about past Club demonstrations to help increase public Club awareness.
  4. Rick spoke with a representative of the Glenview Park District which is interested in doing some sort of “Flight Fest”, e.g. a flight demonstration. Rick B. will be working with Jim Thompson on this and will keep the Club posted. Approximate date will be in September.

Entertainment: None

Tips and Tricks: Al Brose ­­ Sunday newspaper sticker advertisements can be obtained for $7 or $8 and can be used to comply with FAA requirements to label each aircraft with FAA number; Ray Tinley ­­ Mentioned that February 2016 issue of AMA describes electric battery discharge information; Ben Scola ­­ Use digital volt meter to tell how much a battery is discharged after flight. Helps with figuring flight times.

Models of the Month: 1) Al Brose ­­ Great Planes Skybolt, 2) Jim Collins ­­ Quad­Copter

Raffle Winners: Gene S., Ben S., Jim C., Jim T., Rick B. and Joe S.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.