CRCM Meeting Report for May 2nd, 2014

Meeting opened at 7:30 pm Attendance: (28) members & (2) guests Announcements:

  1. Fred Cedarholm stated that Al’s Hobby Shop is officially closing It remains to be seen if it will be re­opened at a later date. Al’s Hobby Shop has been in operation for 67 years and will be greatly missed.
  2. President Marcellino reiterated to the membership to pay unpaid dues if this hasn’t been done already.
  3. Fun Fly #1 is scheduled for Sunday, May 4th at 9:00 Coordinator is Ed Kamm.
  4. President Marcellino and Vice President Fred Cedarholm attended a scheduled meeting with the Cook County Forest This meeting was requested by the Forest Preserve who invited all of the clubs who operate on Forest Preserve property. Three main points came out of that meeting:
    • The Cook County Forest Preserve, tentatively starting in 2015, will require each person using a flying field to pay a nominal fee ($35 or so) each year. This is similar to what the DuPage County Forest Preserve does.
    • Permit fees are going to increase.
    • The Forest Preserve is wanting to bring the flying fields up to AMA standards. In the past, there has been no interest by the Forest Preserve to understand what the flying clubs are actually doing at these fields. The Forest Preserve is hoping to reverse this trend and commit to making field improvements as required.
  1. There might be a conflict with the September 14th Scale Fly In date in terms of obtaining a permit for the event. The membership will be updated at the next meeting.
  1. Treasurer Ed Kamm reported that the field maintenance day went great. Ed reported that asphalt cracks remain to be filled and field lines need to be painted. Ed will proceed to perform some experimentation on what methods work best to fill and seal the cracks and make recommendations to the Forest Preserve on what methods work best.

Minutes of April 4th Meeting: Read by Mike Celli and accepted.

Treasury Report: Presented by Ed Kamm and accepted. Note: Club lawn mower was sold by Marcellino for $400.

Committee Reports: Fred Cedarholm stated that the bulk fuel order is no longer going to take place since Al’s Hobby Shop is no longer in business.

Old Business:

  1. Marcellino is working on the Carl Barshop memorial field
  2. Marcellino stated that the Carl Barshop AMA memorial brick is now in place at the AMA headquarters. Marcellino emailed a picture of the brick to the membership.
  3. The Club Board recommended that future memorial bricks for deceased members not be paid for by the Membership present at meeting concurred with this recommendation.
  4. Fun Fly #5 – Jim Thompson will be the Coordinator. Thanks to Jim for taking this
  5. Trainer Day – Let Marcellino know of any ideas to reach out to the Scouts, other kids clubs, Bob Roggeveen is looking into advertising. First date is Saturday, June 7th.

New Business:

  1. Ray Donati talked about field crack sealing using filler foam and special Field must then be sealed to make the system work.

Entertainment: None.

Tips and Tricks: 1) Heavy duty center of gravity balancer was presented, 2) Jim Thomson presented wheel chocks from Park Flyer Plastics.

Model of the Month: 1) Jim Thompson – FMS Ducted Fan F4 Phantom, 2) Al Brose – Hangar 9 Alpha Trainer – Winner: Al Brose

Raffle Winners: Gene Snow, Fred Cedarholm, Marcellino, Larry Nelson, Ben Scola

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.