The regular meeting of the Chicagoland Radio Control Modelers was called to order at 7:30 P.M on July 2, 2010 in Schaumburg Airport lower level Meeting Room .

Present: Greg Palace ­ President, David Rosenblatt – Treasurer, Steven Sobolewski ­ Secretary

21 members total including officers.

Approval of Minutes  The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted without corrections

Treasurers Report Treasurers Report no report read as no expenses or money in for 2 months.

 Announcements made.

  1. Fred Nowak had surgery and is home now. Ken Ward was in hospital and is home now.
  2. Special thanks to Don Vemer, Dave Golubski, Andy, Karen Petlak, John Carrus, Art Coddington, Carl Barshop and others for the outstanding electric flyin.
  3. Special Thanks to the Forest Preserve for the fantastic cooperation in getting the grass cut for this event. This was greatly appreciated.
  4. T – Shirts and Hats are available M – XL $15, 2X & 3X $18

Old Business 

  1. Dave Rosenblatt updated the club on forest preserve meeting , no news at this time.

New Business

  1. The field was discussed as to patches where no sealer exists.
  2. Brandon Sobolewski  & Steven Rosenblatt both had won at the Jim Hubbard Memorial pattern contest in June held at Tri Village . Both came in 1st place .

Committee Reports

Big Bird – Proceeding as planned and should be a fantastic event. Scale Fly in – Date is moved to October 3, 2010.

Tips and Tricks

Dana Berry ­ Use a zip tie on exacto knife to keep rolling off of table. Use a string on tank so it can be pulled out.

Also please check your stoppers on fuel tanks , or purchase Hayes Tanks.

Model of The Month

Brian Defilipo with Easy Star, Glider, electric 54”. Hitec focus 4 channels.

Ray Tinley – Great Planes Escapade , 52 ½” WS, L 46” , 5# 7 oz, Thunder Tiger .46

Winner – Brian Defilipo


Blue ticket – Membership – Bob Roggeveen, Brandon Sobolewski, Bob Carrol. Red Ticket – Dana Berry, Ron Kostus, Ray Tinley

Orange Ticket – Joe Patt, Dave Golubski

50/50 – Al Brose.

Items for next meeting

Adjournment: at 8:25 P.M

Meeting was adjourned at 8:25 P.M ..

Minutes submitted by: Steven Sobolewski