Minutes June Meeting

Meeting called to order: 7:35 PM

In attendance: 27 members plus 3 guests

Minutes: Read and accepted.

Treasurer report: Read and accepted.

Special Announcement

Harvey Shapps who had a kidney transplant recently, is back in the hospital. A routine check­up revealed that his body is rejecting and they are working to correct the problem.


New members: Brian DeFillippo also rejoined the club.

Guest: Jim Thompson and Adam introduced themselves and were welcomed.

MBERSHIP CARDS AND CLUB STICKERS: Anyone who has not received his 2009 CRCM membership card see Ray Donati. Ray also has club stickers for your planes.

General Business Report

TSCALE FLY­IN: The date has been changed to August 2nd. Ron Kostus, who is running the event this year, brought in flyers that he made for distribution to the local hobby shops and our membership. It will be open to any AMA member and will include framed­up but not complete scale aircraft for static display.

FUN­FLYS: The second fun­fly for this year is scheduled for Sunday June 7th. It will be a pylon race and Terry D’Anca went over the rules since they were not in the newsletter. There will be two rounds with three planes at a time. Any plane can be used and if it is a scale plane it will get a bonus in scoring. In case of a rain out, you must be present to fly when the event is rescheduled.

ELECTRIC FUN­FLY: Carl Barshop urged all those who plan to attend on June 20th to get their entry in with payment as soon as possible so he knows how to plan for food. Some of the events will be E.T.A. And limbo for those who want to enter. Carl asked for any donations that could be used in the raffle.

FVAC IMAC: Dan Knippen invited anyone who is interested in improving their flying skills to enter the contest to be held at the Fox Valley Aero Club’s field on August 8 & 9. He may host a seminar on flying the maneuvers to help veterans as well as novices.

IMAA: Date is August 30th. Dana Berry explained that IMAA rules will apply ­ 80″ wingspan for monoplanes, 60″ for biplanes or the plane must be at least 1/4 scale.

SAFETY FENCE AT THE FIELD: Bob Roggeveen plans to use the material presently at the fieldto straighten up the fence.

GRASS CUTTING: The grass around our field has been cut, thanks to Superintendent Jim Hackett. If you see him out there cutting, tell him how much we appreciate it. He and his crew have had a tough time this spring due to all the rain.

STARTING BENCHES AT THE FIELD: There was a discussion concerning the use and placement of the benches. It was agreed that they should be used for starting your plane only and after flying, your plane and equipment should be put on the ground behind the pit line and the bench left open for another flier. We plan to stencil each bench with the words “For Starting Only”

TIPS & TRICKS: Carl Barshop showed a chart he made up for all of his planes showing what transmitter, etc. he needs for each model. In this way he can be sure to bring the correct equipment when he goes flying.


Carl Barshop ­ Airwolf TX500 Heli with lights

WINNER: Carl Barshop

Club Raffles

Name Badge: Art Coddington, Bob Roggeveen and Dave Rosenblatt

Membership: Bob Roggeveen, Art Coddington (Bob donated his prize to the Electric Fly­In)

Door Prize: Steve Sobolewski, Fred Cederholm

50/50: Al Brose

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.