Chicago Land Radio Control Modelers
Meeting Minutes May 6, 2011


The regular meeting of the Chicagoland Radio Control Modelers was called to order at 7:30 P.M on May 6, 2011 in Schaumburg Airport lower level Meeting Room . 22 Members present.

Present: Greg Ross ­ President, Brian Nowak – Vice President, Steven Sobolewski, filling in for Brian DeFillipo­ Secretary

Approval of Minutes The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurers Report Treasurers Report read and accepted .

Announcements made.

Jim Thompson handed out electric flyin flyers and will have a nite fly at the flyin. Carl Barshop and Jim Thompson said no rain date has been set. Electric Flyin June 18th Saturday. This is open fly and some contests. Open to all electric planes.

Old Business

Scale flyin – Bob Carrol indicated possible sponsors like Troy Built Models if the event is AMA sanctioned.

New Business

Meetings to be held at field. Dave Rosenblatt made a motion to hold meetings at field at 9:00 A.M for Maximum of 30 minutes prior to fun fly for June, July and August. Motion voted on passed 9 for 8 against.

Committee reports

Apparel – Al Brose indicated if any one needs anything to see him.

Fun Fly – Dave Golubski said it will be loops, rolls and touch and goes.

Picnic – Date is July Saturday the 23rd. We will have a picnic free to all members and 1 guest. All additional will have a fee charged. Children 12 and under free. All others are $5.00 each.

Sign – Sign will be complete and mounted.

Big Bird – Sun August 28th . Landing fee is $10 for flyers with raffles. Non pilot is $5 lunch fee and not part of raffles or prizes. V.A. Show – Ray Donati discussed putting on a show for vets. Fred Nowak and Ray Donati to coordinate. A parking lot will be provided by the VA.


Brian Nowak demonstrated effects of CG and Balance on airplanes and discussed how to achieve a great flying plane. Discussed models coming in nose high are tail heavy. Manufacturers only recommend starting point of CG. Balance upside down.

Tips and Tricks None presented.

Model of The Month

Al Brose with Kangke – GEE BEE fun fly arf. 42” WS, 38 “ L, 3 ½ # , asp32 4 CHANNEL.

Ray Tinley with – E Flite Advance 25E, 52 ½” WS, L 49” , 3# 12 oz. , Talon 870kv, 6 channel. Carl Barshop with Blizzard multiplex, foam electric, Futaba 10 FAST , 3 cell 2200 MAH

Winner Al Brose


Blue ticket – Membership – Carl Barshop, Ray Tinley, Ed Bywalec, Dave Rosenblatt, Brandon Sobolewski.

Mystery Gift Winner – Greg Ross – Prize donated by Ray Donati.

50/50 – Carl Barshop .

Raffle – Dave Golubski, Ray Donati, Al Brose, Brian Nowak.

Items for next meeting


Minutes submitted by: Steven Sobolewski