The regular meeting of the Chicagoland Radio Control Modelers was called to order at 7:35 P.M on April 6, 2012 .


  • Greg Ross President,
  • Brian Nowack – Vice President
  • Steven Sobolewski, Secretary
  • Bob Roggeveen, Treasurer

17 members total including officers. No guests

  1. Approval of Minutes
    The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted .
  2. Treasurers Report
    Treasurers Report accepted.
  3. Announcements made.
    Fun Fly Rules –Prop strike +20 seconds 20 seconds with none. Rainouts , you
    must show up no phone calls. Borrow any plane.
    Novice = 40 pts – Expert = 50 pts – Kamikaze = 60 pts.
    1st round – Novice no wing taxi R & L turns. Expert Lap thru big and small circle takeoff loop , roll, touch and go. Kamikaze outside loops 2 point roll.
    2nd round Pylon race expert 15 laps pylon . Kamikaze 25 laps with 1 pit stop.
    Apparel – Order being sent in Monday.
  4. Old Business
  5. New Business
    – Marcelino is looking to see if the club members would be interested in getting together to rent Redmon Park for an electric night fly. $250 to rent with lights, electric for chargers. Contact Marcelino Bomincino
    – An email was sent to the Forest Preserve to get a new field.
    The Electric Fly flyers are done and need distributed.
  6. Entertainment– Terry D’Anca demonstrated his method for making checkerboard designs, also his jig he made to create them. He also had a graphics display.
  7. Tips and Tricks
    Terry D’Anca uses PB Blaster to clean bearings.
  8. Model of The Month
  9. Raffles
    Blue ticket – Membership – Bob Roggeveen, Ed Kamm, Ray Donati, Carl Barshop
    Raffle – Ray Donati, Brian Nowak
    50/50 – Ray Donati
    Mystery – Terry D’Anca
  10. Items for next meeting

Adjournment: at 8:53 P.M 

Minutes submitted by: Steven Sobolewski