Chicago Land Radio Control Modelers

Meeting Minutes November 5, 2010


The regular meeting of the Chicagoland Radio Control Modelers was called to order at 7:30 P.M on November 5, 2010 in Schaumburg Airport lower level Meeting Room . 20 Members present.

Present: Greg Palace ­ President, Greg Ross – Vice President, David Rosenblatt – Treasurer, Steven Sobolewski ­ Secretary

Approval of Minutes The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurers Report Treasurers Report read and accepted .

Announcements made.

Any club member who is going thru the instruction program should get with Ed Bywalec to get solo certificate. Ed Bywalec thanked all instructors for their help this year.

Swap Meet set for tomorrow and George Schubkegel thanked Dave Golubski, Dick Hamilton and Andy Petlak for help setting up.

Old Business None

New Business

Ed Bywalec asked about having meeting at field during summer months. A short business meeting and model of month and then fly at field and share more camaraderie. Meetings to be at 7:00 P.M on Friday night weather permitting. The meeting

Ron Kostus made motion to hold meetings at field during summer months from May to September Friday nights, Terry D’Anca seconded. Motion voted on. Passed 19 yes 1 no.

Fred Cedarholm would like club members to be at I Hobby show if Al’s will let us be at their booth.

Votes in and counted  ­ Greg Ross unopposed for President, Brian Nowak unopposed for Vice President, Brian Defilipo for Secretary , Bob Roggeveen for Treasurer.

Committee Reports

Tips and Tricks

Jim Thompson with using Krylon Fusion paint with a light dusting will paint foam planes.

Model of The Month

Dana Berry with Blade MCX2  Micro Heli, electric 4 channel.

Jim Thompson with a Parkzone Habu repainted and with lights for night flying. 69 MM ducted fan .

Winner – Jim Thompson


Blue ticket – Membership – Dick Hamilton, Brian Defilipo

Blue Ticket – Free membership – Dick Hamilton

Red Ticket – Terry D’Anca

White Ticket – Art Coddington.

50/50 – Dave Golubski .

Super Raffle – U CAN DO 46 – Steve Sobolewski

Super Raffle ­ Spektrum Radio DX 7 ­ Steve Sobolewski

Items for next meeting

Adjournment: at 8:32 P.M

Meeting was adjourned at 8:32 P.M ..

Minutes submitted by: Steven Sobolewski