October Centerfold

Eastern Airlines DC­3 Lenny Johnson

This aircraft was one of the best planes attending the 2005 CRCM Scale Fly­ In. Lenny built the air-frame from plans. Details included the replication of all of the rivets, panel lines, markings and paint colors of the original Eastern Airlines DC­3s.

“First flight” occurred with Ace Test Pilot Brian Nowak on the sticks, during which it was discovered that the airplane really was a little tail heavy. The tail ­heavy single engine performance was atrocious with the DC­3 immediately entering into a spin. Killing the other engine saved the plane and Brian was able to grease in a dead stick landing right to the center of the field.

The result of this flight was the addition of the lead weights visible on the exterior of the nose cone to better balance the air-frame. The weights will eventually be moved to the interior of the nose cone as soon as the perfect amount of nose weight is determined. One this is done, I predict this DC­3 will win First place at the 2006 CRCM Scale Fly­in.