A Gaggle of Rascals on Floats Ron Kostus Photo

On Saturday, May 23, my wife Vida and I had the pleasure of attending the Annual SAC Float Fly at the Forest Preserve pond located at 167th and Cicero Ave. Perfect flying weather prevailed with a slight breeze coming from the East and bluebird skies.



Half the pit area at the SAC Float Fly Ron Kostus Photo

In attendance were gas, glow and electric seaplanes, flying boats and float planes of all shapes and sizes B 1/2A to giant scale. All in all, I counted over forty flyers just having a blast flying off the water. Some really sweet landings and takeoffs will great spray following the planes off the water as well as some intense crash ­ splashes. It seems the water is much more forgiving than land. The photos are an example of the fun being had. Along with the flying SAC served a variety of food and had a reasonable array of raffle prizes for the pilots to hope to win.





This formal event happens twice a year on Memorial Day and Labor Day. In addition open float flying is available to all flyers every first and third Friday of the month from 7a.m. to mid ­afternoon from April to September. A chase boat is available on these days also; landing fee for non­-club members is $5.00 to cover hauling and maintenance of the electric powered chase boat.


What Float Flying is all about ­ Ron Kostus Photo

If your looking for something rather different but loads of fun, float or seaplane flying may be for you. ARF kits are rather inexpensive and fly well.

Hope to see you there some Friday or on the Labor Day Holiday.